• Dieterle stands for straightforward and timeless design. All necklaces, rings and bracelets are hand-made in single-unit production. Dieterle currently offers three collections: Dot consists of a filigree chain necklace and bracelet with a petite forged circular pendant as well as a hammered ring. The Rotation collection is made of square twisted wire, which in spite of its toughness, is very delicate and graceful. Spiral is composed of a fine coiled wire forming the focal point of this design. All pieces are made of sterling silver, and are also available plated in rose gold as well as yellow gold. Dieterle jewelry doesn't dominate, but rather embodies, with its clear details, artistic craftsmanship and discreet style.

Kiki Dieterle
Schröderstraße 14
10115 Berlin
+49 (0)177 / 55 25 725